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Airplane Hangar Jib Crane

Enfield, NS, Halifax International Airport
Jib Crane for Compressed Gas Cylinders

Lifting of equipment and materials are a daily part of industrial and commercial industries. In an area where material is typically loaded, off loaded or maneuvered into place, a fixed or mobile Jib Crane is ideal. There are many options available that would suit nearly any application. A Jib Crane can be mounted on a post in the middle of a fabrication shop, it could be fixed to a rolling track system on a manufacturing floor or it could be fixed to the wall to provide assistance in one particular application. This was the case in this project.

We were able to retrofit this aircraft hanger with a suitably sized, wall mounted Jib Crane. The customer had in place an older, manual, chain driven hoist for lifting compressed Nitrogen gas cylinders on and off of their service vehicles, which was outdated and clumsy. The original crane was disassembled and removed. The new, 1 ton, Jib Crane which utilizes an electric hoist for easy, one person loading and off loading of the cylinders was installed. The Jib Crane was attached to the steel structure of the building quickly with no disruption to service in the hangar. The Jib Hoist will provide an easy to use, versatile assist for years to come with very light maintenance.

Project Type

Industrial, 1 Ton Jib Hoist, for gas cylinder handling.


Be any easy system to assist one person in the loading and unloading of light equipment for aircraft service vehicles.


A wall mounted Jib Crane and an electric hoist with lifting chain on a trolley, all rated for a maximum of 1 ton.