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Freestanding Ladder and Platform

Moncton, NB
Project Overview:

For this project the client required access to the flag pole, which was mounted on the ridge of the gable end, above the stores main entrance. To accommodate this we installed two anchors connected by a Horizontal Life Line (HLL). To access this HLL, however presented another problem. The roof pitch is too steep to climb safely and the ridge is two far to access off the lower roof. The client requested a permanent access solution for this problem and several conditions were taken in to consideration by our design team:

  • The access not penetrate the roof membrane
  • The access not always be visible from below, since it was the main entrance of the store, and it may detract from the decor
  • The access be easily stored by 1-2 people when not in use

To accomplish this our design team utilized a counter weighted platform as the base of a ladder and upper platform. This lower platform was placed on rigid foam to protect the roofing below. The ladder and upper platform were connected by means of a hinge to allow them to be folded down when not in use. Also, the upper platform and its rails were made of aluminum to allow it to be erected and stored easily. This design and installation will give the client a system that they can confidently used for years to come.

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