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Fall Protection and Access System

Saint John, NB
Complete System to Provide Fall Protection and Safe Access for Maintenancece

Our expertise for retrofitting existing buildings with fall protection systems provided the customer with confidence that ProTech was the right choice for this project. The Hilton Saint John required an updated Fall Protection System and Safety Access System for exterior maintenance.

20151103_100717The old system was no longer compliant with today’s safety standards. It was removed and roofed in as needed. The building was retrofitted with Fall Arrest Anchors, Horizontal Life Lines, Davit Bases and a Davit Arm System. The new System provides 360ยบ protection and access to all exterior faces of the building and roof.


The inclusion of davit arms in a building access system greatly reduces the set-up time, cost and materials for maintenance and construction contractors when rigging for projects. Thus, davit arms are an effective long term investment for any building. A davit arm consisting of 6061-T6 aluminum was utilized in this project to make the system lightweight and strong. DSCN5607

Let us design a user friendly, custom system for you that will provide protection and access to your building.

Project Types:

Retrofit – Fall Protection System and Building Facade Access/Equipment Suspension

  • Removal of old Suspended Equipment supports.
  • Fall Protection and Safe Access to all building faces.

Adhesive bolt anchors, Horizontal Life Lines, Davit bases and Davit arms.