*New Service Offer* – Annual Fixed Ladder Inspections

Posted Mar 15, 2016

Did you know that any ladder permanently attached to a structure, a fixed ladder, requires an annual inspection in the province of Nova Scotia? The Nova Scotia Occupational Safety Regulations require that fixed ladders meet the current ANSI standard ANSI A14.3. This standard states that,” Inspections for rust, corrosion and deterioration shall be made at least annually”. “Ladder inspections shall include inspecting all the major ladder components”.

We now offer annual inspections for fixed ladders, can provide maintenance and where needed, design, supply and install fixed ladders. If you currently have a fixed ladder that you, your employees or hired contractors use to provide service to your building, an annual inspection of these ladders should be a part of your maintenance regime. Inspections can be done conveniently and documentation can be provided at the time of inspection. Our inspection will provide you, and those who use your fixed ladders, confidence that your ladder is compliant with provincial safety standards and is safe for use.