Inspection / Maintenance

New, Existing and Altered Fall Protection Systems (Annually)

Initial inspection of Roof Anchors as per the provincial regulations. Inspection report is stamped by a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the province.

  • Workplace Health and Safety Regulations under Section 82 of OHAS Act,S.N.S. 1996,c.7, O.I.C. 2013-65 (effective June 12, 2013), N.S. Reg.52/2013, Part 1.12(1)(b) “Inspection and Re-certification of equipment.”
  • New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulation 2010-159, Section 145.2(3)
  • -CSA Z91-02, Section all anchor systems shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months. Section The inspection shall include, but not be limited to:

a) A review of the design drawings to ensure compliance with current regulations, standards, and engineering standards;

b) An assessment of the system to ensure compliance with the engineered drawings;

c) An inspection of all exposed, visible, and accessible components of the system for signs of distress; and An inspection of all adhesive and expansion fasteners.

Proof Load Testing

Load Test CSA Z91-02 `Health and Safety Code for Suspended Elevating Platforms

  • 7 – Inspection and Testing,
  • 7.3 – Inspection and Testing of Anchor Systems,
  • 7.3.1 – New Anchor Systems,
  • – All anchor systems shall be inspected and tested by a professional engineer, or a qualified person under the supervision of a professional engineer, prior to being placed in service to ensure compliance with this Standard, Clause 6.3* of CAN/CSA-Z271, and the design drawings.

*Clause 9.4 of Revised CAN/CSA Z271-10

Side Load Test and as per CAN/CSA Z91-02 and Z271-98

  • 9 – Building and supporting structure
  • 9.4 – Anchorage connectors
  • 9.4.3 – Strength requirement – An anchorage connector shall
    1. be designed to resist application of 22.2 kN in any direction without fracture of any component or pullout, or both, from the anchorage; and
    2. resist a test loading of 11.1 kN without permanent deformation of any component when subjected to test loading in the direction(s) that generate the most critical effect on the anchorage system with respect to stability and strength.

Note: Where practicable, an anchorage design should include measures to avoid degradation of  the weather resistance of a roof system as a result of load testing or use of an anchorage connector.

Bridge Inspection

We provide bridge inspection and maintenance using rope access. Our Technicians use a broad range of access techniques to place  themselves within arm’s reach of critical members in the most safe, efficient and economical way possible.

Rope AccessInspection of steel, concrete and wood bridges structures. Visual inspections, Report generation, Photo Records, Corrosion and Concrete degradation monitoring.

Maintenance Services include but not limited to:
• Torque testing and replacement of bolts
• Installation of strain gauges and other monitoring equipment
• Cleaning, debris removal and coating repair
• Fiberwrap, Containment, Fiberglass, carbon fiber fabric and
epoxy composite reinforcing strengthening.

Fall Protection PPE

We provide inspection, certification and logging of Fall Protection PPE.

Permanent Ladders (Annually)

We insect permanent ladder systems in accord with ANSI Standard (A14.3 2008) and provide documentation and/or reports for your inspection. We can repair, replace or make recommendations for your permanent ladder.

Download our Permanent Ladder Inspection Brochure


We can certify Fall Protection Equipment that has been out-of-service or does not have documented inspections.

Corrosion Control

As part of a Fall Protection System inspection, we can treat corrosion to prevent further deterioration. In the future we hope to provide coating inspections.

Rope Access

We employ rope access technicians that are IRATA and SPRAT certified and adhere to these codes of practice.


More details to come.

Water Proofing

We inspect, repair and install flashings and roof membranes.

Download our Roof Penetration Repair or Replacement Brochure

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

More details to come.

Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning

We inspect and adjust to meet engineered specifications.