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Delta Montreal

Montreal, Quebec
Project Overview:

Our expertise in retrofitting existing buildings with fall protection systems provided the customer with additional confidence when choosing ProTech for this project. This project was coordinated through our Quebec office (a requirement for any construction work in Quebec) which allowed for competitive pricing and an efficient execution of the project.

One unique design challenge for this project was the addition of a permanent 30 foot access ladder w/cage, installed at a roof height of 270 feet. Attachment of the ladder to the existing pre-cast panels was not permitted; therefore, custom brackets and anchors were designed to transfer all loads to the building columns and roof slab. To avoid unnecessary costs associated with heavy duty, high lift crane rentals on crowed city streets, the ladder was designed to be modular and simply hoisted to the roof via the building’s elevator. All engineering was conducted in-house thus ensuring design and cost efficiency.

The design choice of 6061-T6 aluminum davit arms and strategically placed davit bases with cable rigging sleeves (suspended equipment cables pass through rigging sleeves in the patios) allows workers to access the complete building envelope for inspection and maintenance utilizing swing stage operations.

The inclusion of davit arms in a buildings access system greatly reduces the set-up time, cost and materials for maintenance and construction contractors when rigging for projects. Thus, davit arms are an effective long term investment for any building.

Project Type:

Retrofit – Suspended Equipment Supports & Fall Protection System + Building Access

  • Suspended Equipment access & Fall Protection for all building faces
  • Dismantle of condemned penthouse roof access ladder and installation of new ladder
  • Installation of access door to inaccessible patios for inspection purposes

Davit bases & Arms, Roof anchors, Cable Sleeves and Fixed Ladder