Certified Installation

Fall Protection Systems

Fall Arrest Anchorages

A secure point of attachment to which components of Fall Protection Equipment are rigged.

Travel Restraint Anchorages

An anchor point which a travel-restraint system attaches to, that prevents a worker from getting to close to an unprotected edge.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLLs)

This is usually a steel cable anchored from one point to another and is designed to allow travel along the cable. This is designed to give the worker greater mobility.

Vertical Lifeline Systems (VLLs)

Vertical systems provide hands free fall protection for ladders and other climbing tools and include a self-locking mechanism.

Temporary Anchors

A non-permanent anchor point used for temporary protection from falls and requires no permanent fabrication.


Designed as passive fall protection, to resist accidental falls and provide added protection near edges, access hatches, doors, skylights and/or mechanical equipment.


A secondary line of defense to save lives from a fall and/or prevent injury from falling debris.

Wood Trussed Roof Anchors

U-bolt roof anchors are designed to be used as a permanently attached anchorage connector on wood frame structures. This anchorage connector is to be used as a part of a personal fall arrest or restraint system. These roof anchors are designed for use by a single person with a combined weight (person, clothing, tools, etc.) of no more than 310 lbs.

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Suspended Equipment Supports

Davit Arms

Davits, used singularly or in pairs, provide an efficient and practical means of suspending bosun’s chairs, single work cages or platforms. They are suitable for any building height depending on type of davit selected and where adequate structural support is provided.

Rigging Sleeves

Sometimes it is not possible to rig primary suspension lines or worker lifelines over a parapet, roof edge, balcony or similar building element. The only option is to go through it.  Rigging sleeves are primarily a suspension system that support maintenance platforms. They can be any length or shape as well as adapted to suit virtually any building condition. They are ideal for accessing overhangs or otherwise inaccessible areas.


An anchor point for suspending equipment or personnel from underneath an overhang.

Temporary Anchors

Temporary fall protection systems are ideal for areas where permanent fall arrest systems may impede the movement of equipment. Once the scheduled work is completed, the system may be removed and used at another location.


Monorail systems are often used to access difficult to reach or otherwise inaccessible exterior or interior areas. They are ideal for the underside of building overhangs, sloped glazing/skylight, all types of atrium glass, domes, and similar applications. Suitable for use with platforms, single work cage or bosun’s chair. Rails can be straight or radiused, may be left exposed or concealed in soffit or ceiling spaces.


Used in combination with a self-retracting lifeline, trolleys provide continuous horizontal mobility on an overhead rail.


Used singularly or in pairs, provide a practical means of suspending bosun’s chairs, single work cages or platforms. They are ideal for accessing difficult to reach areas e.g. beyond sloped roofs, terraces or sunscreens.

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Permanent Ladders

Ladder systems can be designed to suit any building structure and installed for any application. We specialize in cost effective, design and installation, of modular or solid ladder systems for new and retro fit applications. Permanent ladders are often overlooked for safely accessing mechanical equipment and service areas. Our designs meet ANSI Standard (A14.3 2008).


We design and install custom stair systems, fixed or free standing, which can be placed on any roof material. These allow safe access to raised roof sections with limited to no roof penetration.


We design and install catwalks, supported by permanent overhead structure, to allow access to equipment or service areas with ease.


We design and install walkways that allow a safe, controlled route to protect workers and roofing material. These can be installed with limited to no roof penetration.

Hand Rails

We design and install handrails in any location, permanent fixed, non-intrusive or temporary, to allow safe access and egress. These can be adapted to varying configurations and roof levels.


We install redirects, or line-deflectors, that meet CSA Standards. These can be designed and installed in a variety of applications, which do not reduce the strength of the line or cause damage to the line.

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Architectural Supports

Aesthetically pleasing, light weight, adjustable supports that allow for the installation of walkways, railings and stairs.

Pourable Roof and Wall Penetration Sealant System

We can replace, repair or seal new penetrations with a unique, long lasting sealant system that replaces the old style of pitchpan sealing. We utilize such products as the Chemlink Curb system. Click here to see products and processes.

Technical Equipment Supports

Light weight, adjustable supports to allow the mounting of any equipment, in any location.

Guy Wire Supports

Used to provide solid anchor points for items requiring guy wire stabilization.

Pipe Flashing

Aesthetically pleasing flashing for structural protrusions. Our products provide a 100% watertight seal that remains flexible and allows for movement of penetrating items while coping with vibrations associated with mechanical equipment.

Snow Guards

Designed and installed to be site specific and product specific, to protect from accidents and serious damage due to snow and ice shed. Our products can be installed with zero roof penetration to remove this hazard and reduce maintenance. We take in to consideration all aspects and requirements to tailor a snow guard system that meets all your needs and requirements.

Structural Reinforcement

Engineered to reinforce building structure to allow for the proper installation of anchors, supports and equipment.

Concrete Sawing and Drilling

We can meet your needs for sawing and drilling, at any height or location.

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