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Brunswick Street Redevelopment

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Project Overview:

This was a multi-building development consisting of 3 high rise buildings and 3 low level retail additions. Contacted in the early phases of the project, ProTech was able to offer its design services and experience to integrate an effective and affordable Fall Protection / Suspended Equipment Support System. These systems can be employed the for life of each building; allowing future maintenance projects to be conducted with minimal set up costs.

Like many responsible new construction projects, there was great emphasis placed on safety during construction, especially fall protection. ProTech has designed, installed and tested hundreds of affordable Temporary Fall Arrest Anchors allowing workers from all trades to access the unprotected building edges on each floor during construction. The anchors were strategically placed in accordance with the CSA regulations. “ProTech helped deliver the project safely and on time.”-Jon Higgins, Bird Construction Group

Project Type:

New Construction – Permanent and Temporary (used during construction) Suspended Equipment Supports & Fall Protection Systems

  • Complete coverage of all buildings faces for access with Suspended Equipment (swingstage and/or bosun’s chair). Multiple buildings construction types and levels per buildings.
  • Practical Fall Protections systems which required minimal rigging for effective use.

Davit arms w/ cast in bases, Rigging Sleeves, Roof Anchors, Wall Anchors, Horizontal Life Lines and Temporary Anchors