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Airplane Hangar

Enfield NS, Halifax International Airport
Project Overview:

“Low height” (<10ft) fall hazards are often overlooked by workers as a safety issue; however, the majority of injuries and fatalities occur from these heights. This includes accessing the tops of all types of vehicles for loading / unloading, cleaning, maintenance and other tasks.

Air Canada maintenance personnel realized this potential hazard for workers when working on airplane wings, engines and fuselages. They required a system that would safely arrest a fall whilst not obstructing any planes entering / exiting the hanger. The system needed to be simple to use (allowing access to various plane sections at various heights) and allow multiple workers to work independently in separate areas.

ProTechs certified technicians supplied and installed an overhead Traveling Bridge fall protection system. Each bridge section spanned two beam mounted monorails and attached using low friction roller bearings. With the inclusion of a Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL) and low friction anchor Trolley on the Bridge, the workers can move around freely with the SRL hook attached to their Fall Arrest Harness D-ring.

System advantages are:

  • the user attachment is always centered above their head thus mitigating swing fall hazards,
  • it allows 360° of rotation as well as 3 degrees of freedom to traverse the work area,
  • the user can do multiple tasks over a large area without unhooking,
  • the work area can be safely accessed from any desired point, i.e. portable stairs or ladders.
Project Type:

Airplane Hangar Fall Protection System


Continuous fall protection allowing 3 degrees of freedom while accessing various areas of airplanes wings and fuselages.


Beam Mounted, Traveling Bridges & SRLs